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Approved April 28, 2008
Amended October 18, 2011
Amended October 29, 2012

The Worth County Library System gratefully accepts non-monetary and monetary gifts. The donor may make a request of how monies are to be spent but, monies will be used at the discretion of the Director or Library Manager to enhance library services or collections. A record shall be kept of how monies are spent.

Non-monetary gifts of books, magazines, dvds, audio tapes, equipment, and etc. shall be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Director. Gift materials may be redirected to another source or depository.

Gifts of personal property, collection materials, art objects, portraits, antiques, and other museum type objects, shall be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees and the Director.

The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts of any kind if the local board decides that conditions for its acceptance are not compatible with the Worth County Library System mission or cannot reasonably be met.

If accepted, in all cases a gift becomes the property of the Worth County Library System for it to use and dispose of in the best interests of the library at the discretion of the Director. A deed of gift form must be completed, signed, and placed on file in the Bookkeeper’s office. The appraisal of gifts to the library for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. The acceptance of a gift that has been appraised by a donor or third party does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the appraisal.

Gifts of property such as real estate titles or investments shall be brought to the Worth County Library System Board of Trustees for approval and acceptance or declination. These gifts shall become the property of the Library Board to use and dispose of in the best interests of the Library.

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Our vision is that Worth County Library will be vital to every member of our community.

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Worth County Library is a friendly place that connects people to the online world, supports parents who want their children to become readers, and stimulates people’s imagination.

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