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Meeting Room Policy

Approved April 28, 2008
Amended October 27, 2009

Worth County Library System provides meeting rooms at Margaret Jones Public Library as a public service to the community for use by individuals and organizations:

      1. The Sumner Room will accommodate 100 people seated in chairs and 75 seated at tables. The library provides tables, chairs, and a podium. The kitchen is equipped with an ice machine. There is a ceiling mounted projector and screen. Also, the room has wireless internet access.
      2. The Davis Room contains three conference style tables with 6 armchairs and 50 chairs. The room will accommodate 35 people seated at tables and 50 seated in chairs with access to wireless internet and AV equipment.  

These spaces are designed for use by library-sponsored programs, community and civic group activities, individuals, and the government agencies that provide continuing financial support to the library. Both rooms are available for use during and after library hours. Any and all use of this facility will be left to the discretion of the Director.

Groups with church or political affiliation may conduct business meetings; however religious services and partisan political uses are not permitted. Meeting rooms may not be used by individuals seeking political office, except for candidates participating in a “meet and greet” sponsored by a non-profit group to which ALL candidates for a particular office or issue have been invited.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs. All publicity must carry the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting. The name or address of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. 

An application form must be completed and submitted to the Director for review. The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to review any and all applications, and may demand sufficient time to make proper investigations before action is taken on an application. 

No admission fees may be charged at the doors, and collections and donations are prohibited. Dues, registration, or material fees are permitted. 

Library-sponsored activities have priority. Meeting rooms must be reserved in advance by the adult who will be in charge of the group’s meeting or event. The adult in charge of the meeting or event must complete a contract and pay the maintenance fee and damage deposit payments prior to the date of requested use. The library shall not be responsible for providing any special equipment for the group’s use. The group may request use of any library-owned equipment in the rooms and the adult in charge of the meeting must be responsible for setting up such equipment.

Meetings, events, programs or activities that might disturb regular library operations shall not be permitted. If a meeting or event in progress does disturb regular library operations, the library reserves the right to immediately terminate the meeting or event. The group, upon notification of a disturbance, shall immediately discontinue the disturbance or vacate the premises.

The group using the facilities must accept full responsibility for leaving the room in the same condition as it was found. The adult in charge of the meeting or event shall sign an authorization on the reservation request form agreeing to this responsibility.

Food/refreshment/beverage may be served at the discretion of Margaret Jones Public Library. Catering is permitted and encouraged. 

When it is necessary for a key to be issued to the adult in charge of the meeting or event, that adult shall pick up the key prior to the library’s closing time. Key Deposit is set by Margaret Jones Public Library. The key must be returned to the library on the first day that it is open immediately following the scheduled meeting for refund of deposit. 

These rooms will be inspected by a library staff member before and after use by the group and any damage will be reported. All costs for repairing any damage occurring during use by the group shall be paid by the group. If janitorial services are required following use, the cost of such services shall also be paid by the group. The library reserves the right to deny future access to library facility if a group fails to comply with each and every policy.

The library will provide a complete copy of its rules concerning use of the meeting room at the time it is reserved for use and have the adult in charge sign an acknowledgment that they have read and they consent to abide by such rules.

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