What is 1,000 Books B4K?

Studies show that talking, reading and singing with your child every day from birth helps build their brains as well as important language, math, and reading skills for use in school and beyond. This library program encourages parents to read 1,000 books to kids before they enter school.

Register at Margaret Jones Public Library and take home your folder of bubble sheets.

Track your reading. Each time you read a book, color in a circle on the bubble sheet. If you read a book twice, color in two circles. If you prefer to go paperless, there is a digital book tracker available at http://b4.georgialibraries.org/

Show us your reading log. When you reach 100 books, you will receive a tote bag for carrying all those books.

Read more books! When you get all the way to 1,000, you’ll receive a book to place in your home library.

This is an on-going program with no end date. The only requirement is that you finish before your child starts kindergarten.

How can I read 1,000 books? It’s easy!  3 books per day x 1 year = 1,095 books

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